Your best NutriClean cleaning hacks

Written by Lisa

Now more than ever, we understand how important a clean and healthy home is for the safety of both you and your families. We also know that you share our concern for the planet, and how we can all reduce our personal impact to preserve the environment for our children and theirs, while keeping your family protected amidst a pandemic.

Greener cleaning is all about reducing your use of harsh cleaning products and switching to safer alternatives that help protect the environment and create a healthier home.  That's why all of our NutriClean formulas are created using biodegradable ingredients – and are free from chemicals, like phosphates, that harm our environment. The best thing about NutriClean, however, is that even though it’s kind to the planet and your family, you don’t have to work harder to achieve a sparkling clean home. No wonder it’s been around for over 50 years.

OLC keeps kids hands safeOLC cleans dogs like new

'Since the sixties, NutriClean has been keeping fabrics fresh and kitchen tops shiny, all whilst maintaining the highest standards of environmental responsibility'

Try out these top spring clean tips with our world famous range

1. Sanitise your gadgets
Keep germs at bay on your smart phone with a NutriClean OLC Multi-Purpose Wipe, and give your TV remote and laptop keyboard the same cleansing treatment too. OLC formula also has anti-static properties to repel dust.

2. Freshen the kid’s toys
For a safe and sparkling fresh playtime, put a wash load on for the children’s teddies and play
toys with just one concentrated cup of NutriClean Controlled Laundry Concentrate (CLC). This works with your dog’s toy collection too. Leave them to air dry in the sunshine.

3. Beat stubborn microwave burns
Make heavy grime easier to wipe off by heating a cup of water and a chopped-up lemon on high in the microwave for one minute. Then try a little NutriClean Heavy Duty Concentrate (Hevi-Clean) on a damp cloth to wipe away caked-on food effortlessly.

4. Give hair brushes the OLC treatment
Dirty brushes equals dirty hair. Take off build-up from hair products with a just a few drops of NutriClean OLC 500ml, mixed with warm water. Leave combs, brushes and hair bobbles to soak then rinse off and air dry.

5. Shine plants with OLC
Clean dusty potted plants and dusty plant leaves with just a drop of OLC formula and a warm damp cloth. Gently rub into the tops of leaves to make them look fresh and new.

6. OLC wipe your handbag
We touch so many things every day without thinking. Our handbags and purses can be often forgotten. Be safe and keep germs at bay by wiping down the insides, compartment pockets and handles of your bag regularly with a handy OLC Multi-Purpose Wipe.

NutriClean range

And here are just a few of your favourite NutriClean hacks 

“Use OLC on your bathroom mirror and it won’t steam up after a shower. Brilliant”
Raewyn Boyd

“It’s very gentle on the dog’s skin. I wash the car with it, rugs, just about everything in my house really.”
Cathie Woodbury

“Bubble bath is just one of many ways I use OLC. I also use it to wash my fruit and vegetables, shower screens, windows, floors and as hand wash”
Lucia Parkhill

Wash your veggies with OLC

“I Love OLC and use it as a hand wash. The side benefit is I always have clean, sparkling engagement and other rings”
Julie Kindellan

“I make a spray bottle with a 10 cent piece amount of OLC, fill with water, shake it up and use it as a spray and wipe for kitchen benches, windows, bathroom and more”
Lynn ONeill

“This magic pink liquid is fantastic for washing your body and hands, also for washing up”
Jenny Irvine

“I use HeviClean as oven cleaner, BBQ stain remover on clothes, for oil marks on driveways, even cleaning
the bathroom and toilets”
Janet King

“I use HeviClean to make the BBQ look like new again.”
Antony Bothof

Clean the oven tops with HeviClean

“NutriClean is the only laundry range that doesn’t leave my skin feeling irritated.”
Dom Delgado

“A little goes a long way. I love how much money I save using NutriClean instead of expensive supermarket products.”
Ellie Crameri

Watch more OLC tips here with Consultant Tammy Williams 


More reasons to love NutriClean

  • NutriClean formulas are biodegradable
    Using natural based cleaners helps reduce pollution to waterways and air. All NutriClean formulas are created using biodegradable ingredients and are free from chemicals, like phosphates, that harm our environment.
  • NutriClean is gentle and safe
    Natural cleaning products are much safer if they are accidentally inhaled, ingested or if they come into contact with skin. OLC formulas are pH balanced, clinically tested and approved by dermatologists to be non-irritating even on sensitive skin.
  • NutriClean gives you improved air quality 
    By replacing spray chemical cleaners with NutriClean, you’ll help improve indoor air quality, ideal if you have allergies. You won’t find any phosphates, formaldehyde, bleaches, chlorines or animal derivatives in our OLC formula.
  • NutriClean products are made with no nasties
    With NutriClean, you won’t have to worry about exposure to nasties. That means you and your family won’t have to come into contact with harsh chemicals like tricolsan, chlorine and ammonia. OLC is made of natural extracts from the Yucca Tree.

Shop and save on the full NutriClean range here. 

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