The power of mentors

Lucia built her beauty empire by learning from the best.
Caroline Davies

Written by Caroline Davies

Lucia Cardamone, Sales Director from Victoria has been with Nutrimetics for 45 years and counting. She built her business by following the guidance of her Upline Managers. She puts her success down to strong networking and giving back to the community. This is her story.


I first heard of Nutrimetics in 1975 when a door-to-door sales man came to our house and demonstrated a very expensive set of saucepans. My four housemates and I weren’t interested, however, as he was leaving he said, 'you might be interested in the skincare that my next door neighbour is selling?' I got her name and number and invited her to show us her products.


“To this day with Nutrimetics, I am still yearning, learning and earning. I love helping others to do the same.”


This’s when I met Cheryl Finnigan. A young mum of two little kids who had just returned from her first overseas trip with Nutrimetics to Hong Kong and Penang. She arrived in her company car. The more Cheryl shared with us her experiences and the more I took in the fragrances of those gorgeous, natural products, the more excited I got. At the time, I was 19 years old, doing the second year of a two year Retail Cadetship at Myer, Melbourne. I was the youngest in my department and consequently earning the least, doing the most and I could certainly never take holidays when I wanted to. Don't get me wrong, I loved my job as a Junior Buyer in Men’s Accessories when all the buying was done 'on the floor'. Things were changing in retail as Friday night shopping had started and shops were opening on Saturday afternoons. 

I asked Cheryl ‘how do I get started doing what you’re doing?' Cheryl's answer was simply 'just buy the kit'. To put things into perspective, at the time the kit was $39.95 and my weekly wage was $37.70. The kit contained mini sized products and mini lipstick samples. I managed to get the kit. I remember Cheryl telling me that the more I sold, the more I earned and this very much appealed to me. Even though Cheryl talked about the international trips, the thought of going overseas was totally unimaginable for me at the time. My family had never travelled.

I went to training every week. I did everything I was told to do (and then some) and I watched and mimicked my Uplines as best I could (Cheryl Finnigan, Beryl Lotte, Sue Upton and Naomi Alberts.) Eventually I found my own style and my own way of doing things. I remember vividly I was so nervous when I did my first few demonstrations (now called workshops). I could even hear my knees knocking. My biggest concern at the time was, 'who is going to listen to a 19 year old?’ I didn't get anyone to join my team in my first couple of months because of these doubts. The girls I lived with and a couple of the women I worked with hosted my first demonstrations. From there everything snowballed as I did two-three and sometimes four workshops per week, all while working full time. I became a District Director (now called Executive Sales Manager). I received delivery of my first company car (a red Corolla station wagon) and went on my first international trip to Singapore at the age of 20. All this happened within eight months of joining. 

I read, read and read again the Profit Recognition Plan (PRP), now called the Business Opportunity Plan (BOP). It helped me to understand what I needed to do to grow. Implementing what I learned from attending every Seminar and Conference has held me in good stead. I joined Toastmasters in the mid-eighties to improve my public speaking skills. I joined SWAP (Salesman with a Purpose), a national networking group to broaden my horizons and to meet people outside of the direct selling industry. Since 2001, I have been a member of Rotary, to give back to the community and to further my network. Giving back is important to me, as this industry has been very good to me. Since 2010, my team and I have volunteered our time one day a month to the Think Pink Living Centre. We give makeovers and facial treatments to women undergoing cancer treatment.

We are truly blessed to have such beautiful products (that are constantly upgraded) - both to use ourselves and to share with others. We have an outstanding business opportunity, which is unparalleled in our industry. Wonderful Upline Managers and a truly exceptional team at HQ are always here to support us.

So many Consultants have joined our group (Global Traveller Girls) in my 45 year career with Nutrimetics. Many of them have also enjoyed driving their fully registered and insured company cars, or receiving their car allowance. They have also travelled to a multitude of five star exotic locations around the world, with their partners. None of this would be remotely possible without our team, our group, our tribe. They are all on my gratitude list, every day. 

I am so very grateful for the incredible example of our founder, Mr Nobbs, Bill and Imelda Roche and my many peers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to all of you for showing me just what you can achieve with focus, dedication and discipline.

I am also forever grateful especially, to Cheryl Finnigan, who didn't judge me or write me off because I was so young. To this day with Nutrimetics, I am still yearning, learning and earning. I love helping others to do the same.



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