The big birthday shave

Sydney mum Sandra Greaves is bravely shaving long, thick and curly hair for a great cause.
Caroline Davies

Written by Caroline Davies

For most women, hair is a huge part of our feminine identity. That’s why we couldn’t be prouder of Executive Sales Manager Sandra Greaves, who is voluntarily shaving her full head for Ronald McDonald House. In a 40th birthday celebration like no other, Mum of three, Sandra Greaves is bravely taking a razor to her long, thick and curly hair to raise money for families with children affected by serious illness. Her husband and kids, plus 75 of her closest friends AND everyone on Facebook live will be tuning into watch as she goes for the crop.

Sandra with long hair

'Smashing her original target, Sandra has currently raised $13,615,which is just over 85 nights at Ronald McDonald House.'

What’s motivating you to fundraise?
After my mum died suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack last year, I wanted to do something cool and memorable for my 40th birthday and my first birthday without her. When you lose someone close, you really re-evaluate what’s important. Family means everything to me and people are always far more important than possessions. I thought shaving my head would be a great way to mark the milestone. To make a difference in the lives of sick kids and their families, I think it's an amazing opportunity to bring awareness and do as much fundraising as we can for Ronald McDonald House.

What made you choose Ronald McDonald House to support?
I couldn’t do something as outrageous as this if I wasn’t truly passionate about the cause. Losing my mum really made me realise that family and health is all that we have. There will definitely be a piece of mum that’s close to me all throughout this experience. Also, I have a friend who is currently staying at Ronald McDonald House, as well as a much loved member of my team. What makes this charity so special is that it keeps families together during terrible times. Plus, they can benefit from the compassionate support of the Ronald McDonald Team and other families who are navigating a similar difficult journey. The work they do is incredible and it’s very close to home for me.

Locks off for charity Sandra Greaves

What’s your fundraising target?
The idea was I didn’t want any presents for my birthday, but I would love to be able to support something bigger than me. I was originally aiming to fundraise 40 nights stay at Ronald McDonald house for a family, ($160 per night) which is $6,400. But we surprisingly smashed that target in record time! I’m now on target 3.0! We’re aiming for $8k but it would be incredible if we could hit the $10,000 mark. All week long for my birthday week, I’ll be donating 20% of all my sales, too. Everyone I know through business, socially and through my network of friends and family has been incredibly generous. My Nutrimetics team have been unbelievable too! They’ve gotten so involved and came up with their own Nutrimetics driven fundraisers to help hit the target. They’ve been donating $3 for every Body Satin, so they’ve essentially given away their commission AND they’re setting themselves big goals to sell 52 cans. It’s a win/win for everyone and a great example of how charity can be the perfect partner for your Nutrimetics business. Everyone wants to help and to feel like they’re part of something bigger. They’ve also been doing similar promotions with the Botanicals Ruby Orange Energising Shower Gel.

What will your family think of your big transformation?
My hair is the longest it’s ever been in a very long time. My husband John and I have been together for 24 years and he doesn’t ever remember when it was this long before. I think It’ll be a big shock for them when it all goes! I have three girls, Daisy aged 5, Ruby 11 and Lillian, 14. They’re always cheering the loudest for me but I’m sure they’ll miss my beautiful, thick, curly hair for a while!

A proud family moment Nutrimetics

How do you think it will affect your feminine identity?
When people have been so incredibly generous, I always just think, ‘it’s only hair and it’ll grow back.’ Plus, how amazing I have the privilege to choose to do it, versus someone put in this position for health. Not only is it great exposure for the charity, it’s a great conversation starter for me to talk about Ronald McDonald House. In a weird way, I am also finding I’m appreciating the natural beauty of my hair more (while I still have it.) I’m embracing my wild curls now, rather than keeping them tied up in a mum bun all the time.

How does Nutrimetics help you feel confident in your own skin?
Nutrimetics has definitely given me the courage and confidence to look and feel great in myself, hair or no hair. I have really healthy skin thanks to using Nutrimetics’ incredible products for my whole life, plus you learn all kinds of beauty skills at workshops and training. Make-up is so powerful and it can change everything, especially how you feel. I feel like this is giving me a reason to try brave new and crazy looks. I can’t wait to be more experimental with accessories, too.

What will you be doing anything with the hair?
Variety Australia will receive my hair donation. The hair will be made into a wig for someone who has lost their hair due to a long-term medical condition.


Donate to Ronald McDonald House at


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