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Rebeca Gal, Executive Sales Manager, QLD
Caroline Davies

Written by Caroline Davies

Congratulations Rebeca Gal, our newest Executive Sales Manager from Brisbane. Rebecca puts her success down to gratitude, mentors and positive daily habits.

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My story in a nutshell is simple. I was born in Port Pirie South Australia in late 1990 to Romanian parents. I spent the first 10 years of my life down there, before moving around to Bundaberg, Emerald, Gympie, and eventually Brisbane, which is now home. My first job was vineyard pruning in Mudgee NSW at the ripe old age of 13 over the winter holidays. I worked on farms, newsagencies and lots of different hospitality jobs, until I ran an office for 6 years. I was a children’s support worker but I totally lost myself in a toxic work environment with lack of good management. So I quit last year without too much thought.

I had been using Nutrimetics products for over a year and I loved them. I never in a million years saw myself working in sales, much less the beauty industry. 12 months ago, if someone had told me that this would be my career, I would have called them crazy. I met Liz Testa at a Bridal Expo in January 2020 and there I was introduced to the ranges and I fell in love with them. January 2021, I turned up to a one-day training event on the Gold Coast with Adam Buechner and never looked back. The following Tuesday, I organised a couple of Workshops. Liz was stuck in Sydney unable to come back to help me out, so with little product knowledge and a whole bucket of nerves and trembling hands, I stepped into a temporary abyss of insanity, far outside my comfort zone. Now I think it was the best thing I could have ever done. These are the basic principles that guide my daily life.

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The truth is, I’m nothing spectacular or extraordinary. I’m a regular human being, the same as everybody else. But I believe it’s the daily choices that we make in life that become the chisels that shape our lives into extraordinary. My sincerest desire is to lead with action over words. Every person makes countless choices daily. I am learning to become aware of those choices. A choice has the ability to turn into a discipline. A discipline with consistent action will become a habit. Habits shape the fruitfulness and success of our lives. Neuroscience tells us that if an action or thought is repeated for 21 days consistently, the neuroplasticity of the brain allows that new behaviour to be written into our brains, creating a habit. Continue that habit for another two cycles of 21 days – and you’ll have wired into your brain to a new pattern of action. Being aware of this makes me conscious of every decision I make daily. My life is intertwined with opportunities to self-victimise, doubt myself or behave ungratefully. It’s also filled with countless blessings and opportunities to love, learn and grow. This is how I stay happy. (Very happy, in fact!)

A person who stops growing in knowledge and understanding has essentially stopped living. That is why I love learning. I don’t just want to know that the Micro-Dermabrasion Kit is effective and much cheaper than in the salons. I want to know why it’s good and what’s so special about the Scandinavian Mineral Polish. I love being curious and inquisitive. So each day, I check in with myself. I check my attitude and my mindset. I want to have a growth mindset that see’s life as a continual process of development. I ask myself, what I have learnt in the last day, or the last week to keep myself accountable and on track. I also create a daily action list. As a busy mum, sometimes it’s a list in my head. But I make a point of creating a list. I’ve found that when I’ve aimlessly started a day with no action plan, that day is usually unproductive. Most times, it’s not even a restful day.

Then I have mentors in life who are my sounding boards. I have both personal and work mentors. I believe that it’s vital that everyone has mentors that they trust. They are a ‘safe space’ where you can share ideas and have discussions that are non-judgemental. I am beyond grateful that I have such strong mentors in my life. I also choose to practice gratitude daily. I actively look for the things in my day that I am or can be grateful for. I look for new things each day so that it keeps me engaged, rather than it becoming a mundane practice. Practising the art of gratefulness has had a drastic impact on my outlook on life. Even when I don’t feel grateful or happy, I choose to be anyway - and the feelings will often follow.

I’m so excited about the future and I look forward to seizing the amazing opportunities Nutrimetics provides. I have met some incredible people on this journey so far and I look forward to meeting many more and drawing wisdom from each person’s story.



Rebecca is proof positive that the future can be anything you want it to be when you become a Nutrimetics Consultant. Find out how to get started here.


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