Brave & beautiful Julie Hargreaves

Congratulations to our winner of Look Good Feel Better Volunteer Of The Year Western Australia

Written by Lisa

Julie Hargreaves is an Executive Sales Manager from Western Australia. She has a long association with Look Good Feel Better, as both a patient and then as a volunteer. Even though she is currently going through cancer and chemotherapy for the third time, Julie always looks super glamorous, even during her chemo sessions!


Between running her Nutrimetics business, looking after her family AND taking care of her sick mum, too, Julie is an inspiration to everyone in our Nutri Community.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your family life?

I joined Nutrimetics 20 years ago back in 2000. I knew Nutrimetics supported Look Good Feel Better. I thought one day I’d like to get involved when the kids are grown up. My daughters were only five weeks old and three when I first joined. I celebrate my 25th anniversary with my Husband Murray in September. Although I’m facing cancer for the third time, my prognosis is good and I’m undergoing treatment now.

“It’s a payment to the heart to know you’re making a difference in someone’s life.”

What made you dedicate yourself to Look Good Feel better?

It was 2008 after my first time with cancer, I started fundraising as soon as I finished chemotherapy. I just loved going to workshops and helping with the other volunteers – and teaching women how to look after skin and manage the side effects with make-up. After some time volunteering, I was approached by one of the hospital liason officers. They asked me to visit patients while they’re having chemo and register them for Look Good Feel Better workshops. I’ve been doing that ever since. Recently to pay back my Oncologist Arlene, I raised over $4k for the Hollywood Breast Cancer Research Center in WA by getting a pixie crop. Society needs to get used to
seeing women without hair, why is it OK for guys?

Why do you love helping people?

I’m now so grateful to be helping other women in my situation. It’s a payment to the heart to that to know you’re making a difference in someone else’s life. Many people don’t have someone they can talk to who has stood in their shoes. The biggest joy in life is giving and not receiving. I think it’s also helped me not get bitter about getting sick. You either sit in a heap and feel sorry for yourself, or you get on with it. I feel like I was given cancer for a reason and that’s to help other women facing cancer. You can always turn a negative in a positive.


How did it make you feel to win?

I was very shocked and humbled and honoured to receive it. It feels lovely to be acknowledged. My family are very proud and excited for me. When you’ve got children and you want to bring up strong, independent young women I like that they see me in my roles as a mum and a business women – but also making the time to give back and do voluntary work.

Why did you start your Nutrimetics business?

One of my beautiful girlfriends gave me a facial voucher and I was hooked from thereon in. I became a manager in 2002 with the support of my upline manager Janice Oakes. Between being a full time mum and not having to put the girls in daycare, to now taking care of my elderly mother – and three lots of cancer journeys – there would be no other career that could’ve worked. I’m so glad I found the opportunity.

How has Nutrimetics helped you on your journey?

Nutrimetics is all about taking care of women. Nutrimetics has really given me the developmental parts I needed. Like all the amazing international speakers over the years. You are given so much growth and training from being part of Nutrimetics, it has really helped me get through my cancer on so many levels. Nutrimetics has always been there for me in my personal life. I could never have juggled everything with a full time job.

What’s your favourite product?

I love Nutri-Rich Oil and use Body Satin daily and I love the Restore range too. At the moment, I’m loving the Cultivate Spa Refreshing Leg Gel. It’s such a relaxant for achy muscles after chemo.

Any inspirational words for other women who might be facing cancer?
Listen to your doctor, be the best patient and if someone offers to help, be grateful and welcome it with open arms. Don’t deny people the opportunity to help you. After my mastectomy in 2009, a lovely Consultant who knew I was in hospital offered to do some housework for me, it meant a lot. You’re not super woman you can’t do it all, plus it makes the other person feel good, too!

We are so proud of you Julie, congratulations from team Nutrimetics.


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