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Written by Lisa

This month, we’re going 'coconuts' for World Vegan Day AND expanding our little sister brand, IRYNA, with the launch of two new IRYNA beautifying body treats – and all just in time for the festive period, so you can add them to your wish list NOW. Meet NEW IRYNA Coconut and Coffee Creamy Body Scrub and Coconut Cushion Hand Crème. (Warning: The ingredients are so addictive, you won't know how your skin ever survived without them!)

Meet the vegan friendly ingredients  

What's in NEW IRYNA Coconut and Coffee Creamy Body Scrub?









Brew-tiful glow ☕

The ultimate way to perk up your skin, Arabica roasted Coffee Grounds buff away dry, dead skin cells for instant glow. Plus, it can help make cellulite and stretch marks appear less visible. Skin will immediately look and feel tighter, brighter and more even. You’ll notice dry patches are gone, too!

Nuts about nourishment 🌰

Macadamia Seed Oil is rich in powerful Antioxidants, essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins, and other nutrients. It provides intense moisture for instant radiance. Plus, it can speed up the cell turnover process for that extra smooth, baby soft feel.
Clay OK ⚫

Kaolin Clay is nature’s magic detoxifier. It draws out impurities and congestion like a magnet, controlling excess sebum production and helping improve skin elasticity. You’ll love the added exfoliation benefits too!

“When formulating, it was so important to us that our body products were designed with the same peaceful philosophy that has always been applied to our skincare products. We didn’t hold back on natural ingredients or actives, because every inch of your skin deserves the same clean beauty approach as your face."
Steph, Product Development

Perk up skin with coffee

Our top cellulite tips
Cellulite is totally healthy and so is loving the skin you’re in. 80-90% of women have it, even if you do go to the gym every day. But you can minimise the appearance of cellulite through exfoliating with our brand new body scrub. The benefits of scrubbing include smoother skin texture and tone, which can help make cellulite less visible. Post shower, you can also recommend lymphatic drainage massage to increase circulation using an Antioxidant rich body moisturiser like Nutri-Rich Body Butter. (And always remember, you are gorgeous with or without cellulite.)

See the scrub in action! 


What's in NEW IRYNA Coconut Cushion Hand Crème?


Rosehip Hooray 🌹

Extracted from the hip of the rose, Rosehip Oil has been used since ancient civilizations to keep skin healthy, soft and radiant. It boosts your lipid barrier, with special properties to revive and even skin tone while protecting the skin from free radial damage.

Joyful Jojoba 🌵

Pronounced “ho-ho-ba oil”, Jojoba Oil the dream face oil because it mimics the natural oils in our skin, meaning it can penetrate deeply into the skin barrier to nurture it. Extracted from the seed of the Jojoba plant native to Northern Mexico, it’s naturally rich in Vitamin A, which promotes skin regeneration, soothing and protecting hands against accelerated ageing.

Almond delight 🌰

Is there anything this wonder Oil can’t do? Sweet Almond Oil contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E to protect skin from environmental stressors, keeping skin smooth, soft and healthy. It also contains nutrient minerals (including Zinc and Potassium) to soothe irritated skin.

Watch to work this hand cream into your IRYNA routine


IRYNA hand care tips
We put our hands through a lot day in and day out, especially at the busiest time of year! It’s time to show our hands some cushiony love

  • Show up for your hands Excessive Covid-safe washing can especially leave hands feeling dry, tight and irritated. Rehydrate, nurture and soothe with this vegan friendly skin treat.

  • Self care is self love! Moisturising your hands should be a vital part of your daily self-care routine. Massage into hands especially after a shower to lock in moisture, and before bed so that your skin can soak up the nourishing benefits overnight.

  • Keep cuticles looking cute Don’t forget to massage nailbeds. The blend of Shea Butter and Natural Oils will keep the skin barrier intact.

  • Mindful massage When applying remember to use it as time to focus on the present moment and breathe slowly. The action of massaging into your hands and cuticles will make you feel like you’re doing something good for your skin.

Go 'nuts' for Coconuts


We love this super ingredient for soft summer skin all over - and that’s why you’ll find in both of our new body treats! Thanks to its high Fatty Acid content and natural antibacterial properties, Coconut Oil has a host of beautifying benefits for your skin. We extract Coconut Oil from the dry kernel of the Coconut. It moisturises and softens the skin, plus it contains Vitamin E to improve overall skin health. 



What are you waiting for? Add these vegan body beauties to the cart now and make skin glow, from your fingers to to toes. 

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